Saturday, December 27, 2014

Information on Street Overlay Project for Southampton Extension and neighborhoods to East

The following is an email I sent this morning to members of the SHX YahooGroups email list:

To Southampton Extension (“SHX”) owners and residents:

I have been designated the person with the SHX Property Owners Association ("SHX POA") to be the contact for SHX POA with respect to a street overlay project for SHX and surrounding neighborhoods.

The project, as I understand it, will be the "mill" the current streets and then add an asphalt overlay.  For SHX, this will affect only the the east west streets.  All streets in SHX will be overlaid EXCEPT Sunset and Quenby.  (In the neighborhoods to the east (Southampton, etc.), both east-west and north-south streets will be overlaid.)

The city will "tag" doors on each affected street about 2 weeks before the work on the street commences.  The project will start in the eastern neighborhoods  in early January and, as I understand it, will work its way west.  SHX will be the last neighborhood affected.  The expected completion date is 3/5/15 (with some likelihood of completion before then), so my guesstimate is that our neighborhood will be affected in February 2015.

As noted, the City will tag each house with notice two weeks before the work commences on the street.

I attach to this email the following two items (each of which is in both Word format and PDF format, for a total of 4 attachments):

1. A Frequently Asked Questions file.  I encourage each resident who will be affected to review these FAQs.  The FAQs are here (Word file) and here (PDF File).

2. A Special Needs Form for those who have special needs that might be adversely affected by this project.  Of course, the project will be an inconvenience, but for some it may go beyond inconvenience.  It is important that those persons notify the City to see what accommodations can be made.  The Special Needs Form is here (Word file) and here (PDF File).

I will be posting this information also to the SHX Blog that I maintain on an informal basis.  As I get additional information I will post it to the blog and, if it appears important enough, I will also email on the SHX YahooGroups email list.

If you have questions that are not answered by the attachments, you can ask me or, probably better, you can directly ask the City personnel involved (contact information listed in the FAQs).  Also, if any of you obtain information that might be useful to the members, please use the YahooGroups email to disseminate to the group or forward it to me.


Jack Townsend

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