Monday, June 4, 2012

Rice Quarterly Community Lunch (6/4/12)

This information is somewhat belated, but here is a summary of the information from a Rice Quarterly Community Lunch attended by Marty Reiner on May 10, 2012:

Attendance was pretty good, a few more than they expected.  Councilmember Ellen Cohen attended with one of her aides. - University Place, South Main, First Church, Emanuel and Christ the King were all represented, as were most of the neighborhoods.

The Agenda focused on
Rice Happenings (e.g., graduation, the new Skyspace Installation (a large addition to the area's public art) which opens June 14 and the new Tennis Center [14 courts] east of the stadium off Rice Blvd.)
Houston city Capital Improvement Program requests:  looks like redoing University Blvd (starting May 17 thru Aug), Rice/Sunset, Greenbriar, and Morningside from Holcombe to Rice will move forward, beginning as early as this summer.  The city will not participate in a program to illuminate the Rice perimeter walk.
There was considerable discussion of the redesign of the intersection at Rice and Sunset and of pedestrian safety issues related to crossing Rice Blvd.  All still in discussion stage.
A project to improve the median on Main Street and address pedestrian crossing needs is set to begin this year.
Ashby high rise - nothing more than what has been on the paper during the past week or so - Southampton is not giving up the fight

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