Friday, July 10, 2009

Construction Update

SHX POA President Ann Hightower send the following email to the YahooGroups list on 7/9/2009

Hello Neighbors,

Monthly progress meeting was this morning. Here are my notes:

Work is progressing 40 ft/day through 2400 block of Quenby. Next lines will go up Morningside and 2300 block of Quenby to Greenbriar. While a street is getting sewer, no traffic will be allowed--plan to park a block or two away for awhile. The Morningside work will start with relocating 3 Centerpoint power poles early next week, then moving an 8-inch water delivery line. Fences in city right of way will be taken down during this period.

Some of the first paving on Kirby should commence in another week or two. The whole project team strongly recommends staying totally away from Kirby if humanly possible until this project is over.

Next update: August 6. Stay cool!