Friday, June 12, 2009

Clutterbuck Update on Neighborhood Construction Projects

SHX POA president, Ann Hightower, forwarded this email from our City Council Member, Anne Clutterbuck

June 11, 2009

Dear Southampton Extension Neighbors,

Earlier this spring, the fourth phase of the Kirby Drive street reconstruction began between Robinhood and Bissonnet. The design plans also include reconstruction for the two blocks of Quenby between Kirby and Morningside, and a very small section of Morningside. In the next months, parking along Quenby will be prohibited and mobility may be limited.

You may have also noticed construction activity on the closed portion of Bolsover, the parcel of land now owned by Lamesa Properties. This activity is not related to the Sonoma project, rather, the owners of the lot have leased out a portion of the property to the contractor for the Kirby project for use as a staging area. The use of this location allows the contractor to hold materials and construction debris off-site but nearby. This agreement is an independent contract between BRH Garver, the Kirby contractor, and Lamesa Properties, but the City hopes that it will help to expedite the work along Kirby.

While the lot is being used as a staging area, the contractors have erected a solid wall on the east side of the area to conceal the materials and workers from the neighborhood's view. The remainder of the Sonoma lot is currently vacant, although there have been discussions in the neighborhood over the possibility of using the area as a community garden while the Sonoma project is on hold. Questions on or support of this issue should be directed to Julie Tysor with Lamesa Properties at

I will continue to update the neighborhood on the construction projects in our area as they progress, and, as always please do not hesitate to call my office with any questions or concerns.

One final issue of interest to the Southampton Extension community - I am pleased to inform you that the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department have succeeded in shutting down the massage parlor on Sunset Blvd. that had been operating as a brothel. After receiving reports from area neighbors that the location was offering illegal erotic services, I asked HPD to investigate, which confirmed the claims. The property owner was advised to issue an eviction notice, which was sent to the tenants, and as of last Friday, the building had been vacated. Many thanks to the watchful members of our neighborhood who first reported this issue and are helping to keep our community a safe and pleasant environment in which to live and work.

Warm regards,

Anne Clutterbuck
Houston City Council Member, District C

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kirby / Quenby / Morningside Construction Update

On 6/10/2009, SHX POA president Ann Hightower reported in an email to the SHX POA email group as follows:

This morning I attended the monthly project meeting on behalf of SHX, and here's what I heard:

The current work on Morningside is Centerpoint moving gas lines and SW Bell moving phone lines, then Centerpoint moving electric poles. Once they are finished, the sewer work will kick in. To make room for huge equipment (10'x10' or 10'x6' concrete pipes, and equipment needed to shift these 23-Ton monsters) all Morningside easements adjacent to project will be cleared by city. They've had arborist out to identify work needed to save trees in easements along the whole project (they have list of every limb to be pruned so huge construction machinery will not break tree limbs during work), but any fences etc in easements are coming down.

The Morningside-to-Greenbriar section of Quenby will precede the Kelvin-to-Kirby section. Not sure about the Kelvin-to-Morningside.

They've heard complaints about Sunset-at-Kirby congestion and how bumpy the intersection's getting, but are at wits' end how to mitigate, given project constraints. They strongly suggest avoiding Kirby for the next few months. Good news is they should start pouring the first concrete in late June.

Next update - July 9



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Morningside Sidewalk Project Update

The most recent sidewalk plans can be viewed here.

I will maintain documents related to the sidewalk project in the yahoo groups file folder as I receive them. I have established a link to this folder under the links in the right hand column of this blog.