Friday, July 10, 2009

Construction Update

SHX POA President Ann Hightower send the following email to the YahooGroups list on 7/9/2009

Hello Neighbors,

Monthly progress meeting was this morning. Here are my notes:

Work is progressing 40 ft/day through 2400 block of Quenby. Next lines will go up Morningside and 2300 block of Quenby to Greenbriar. While a street is getting sewer, no traffic will be allowed--plan to park a block or two away for awhile. The Morningside work will start with relocating 3 Centerpoint power poles early next week, then moving an 8-inch water delivery line. Fences in city right of way will be taken down during this period.

Some of the first paving on Kirby should commence in another week or two. The whole project team strongly recommends staying totally away from Kirby if humanly possible until this project is over.

Next update: August 6. Stay cool!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Clutterbuck Update on Neighborhood Construction Projects

SHX POA president, Ann Hightower, forwarded this email from our City Council Member, Anne Clutterbuck

June 11, 2009

Dear Southampton Extension Neighbors,

Earlier this spring, the fourth phase of the Kirby Drive street reconstruction began between Robinhood and Bissonnet. The design plans also include reconstruction for the two blocks of Quenby between Kirby and Morningside, and a very small section of Morningside. In the next months, parking along Quenby will be prohibited and mobility may be limited.

You may have also noticed construction activity on the closed portion of Bolsover, the parcel of land now owned by Lamesa Properties. This activity is not related to the Sonoma project, rather, the owners of the lot have leased out a portion of the property to the contractor for the Kirby project for use as a staging area. The use of this location allows the contractor to hold materials and construction debris off-site but nearby. This agreement is an independent contract between BRH Garver, the Kirby contractor, and Lamesa Properties, but the City hopes that it will help to expedite the work along Kirby.

While the lot is being used as a staging area, the contractors have erected a solid wall on the east side of the area to conceal the materials and workers from the neighborhood's view. The remainder of the Sonoma lot is currently vacant, although there have been discussions in the neighborhood over the possibility of using the area as a community garden while the Sonoma project is on hold. Questions on or support of this issue should be directed to Julie Tysor with Lamesa Properties at

I will continue to update the neighborhood on the construction projects in our area as they progress, and, as always please do not hesitate to call my office with any questions or concerns.

One final issue of interest to the Southampton Extension community - I am pleased to inform you that the City of Houston and the Houston Police Department have succeeded in shutting down the massage parlor on Sunset Blvd. that had been operating as a brothel. After receiving reports from area neighbors that the location was offering illegal erotic services, I asked HPD to investigate, which confirmed the claims. The property owner was advised to issue an eviction notice, which was sent to the tenants, and as of last Friday, the building had been vacated. Many thanks to the watchful members of our neighborhood who first reported this issue and are helping to keep our community a safe and pleasant environment in which to live and work.

Warm regards,

Anne Clutterbuck
Houston City Council Member, District C

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kirby / Quenby / Morningside Construction Update

On 6/10/2009, SHX POA president Ann Hightower reported in an email to the SHX POA email group as follows:

This morning I attended the monthly project meeting on behalf of SHX, and here's what I heard:

The current work on Morningside is Centerpoint moving gas lines and SW Bell moving phone lines, then Centerpoint moving electric poles. Once they are finished, the sewer work will kick in. To make room for huge equipment (10'x10' or 10'x6' concrete pipes, and equipment needed to shift these 23-Ton monsters) all Morningside easements adjacent to project will be cleared by city. They've had arborist out to identify work needed to save trees in easements along the whole project (they have list of every limb to be pruned so huge construction machinery will not break tree limbs during work), but any fences etc in easements are coming down.

The Morningside-to-Greenbriar section of Quenby will precede the Kelvin-to-Kirby section. Not sure about the Kelvin-to-Morningside.

They've heard complaints about Sunset-at-Kirby congestion and how bumpy the intersection's getting, but are at wits' end how to mitigate, given project constraints. They strongly suggest avoiding Kirby for the next few months. Good news is they should start pouring the first concrete in late June.

Next update - July 9



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Morningside Sidewalk Project Update

The most recent sidewalk plans can be viewed here.

I will maintain documents related to the sidewalk project in the yahoo groups file folder as I receive them. I have established a link to this folder under the links in the right hand column of this blog.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Albans Update

Mitja Peterman sent this Albans Update to his block neighbors. I have added the captions.

Dear Neighbors [2300 Albans Block],

1. Kirby Construction. As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of construction activity on Kirby. Phase 4a of the Kirby construction has begun and will continue until August of 2010. It will pick up where the construction finished and go up to Bissonnet. Attached is a summary of a meeting the City and the Construction company had at the IBC bank. (This summary is posted here.) The project will also include a storm sewer line that will go from Kirby up Quenby to Greenbriar.

2. Morningside Sidewalk. There was some discussion about the sidewalks on Morningside. The plans are not yet complete but Tim Douglass from Anne Clutterbuck's office said they should be ready for review soon. He did say that the plans include sidewalks and curbs but will not include repaving the street. There was some confusion as to how this would happen but Tim assured us it will be cleared up once the plans were complete.

3. SHX Deed Restriction Amendments. If you were not aware, SHX is working on updating our deed restrictions. Attached are the new proposed deed restrictions and a FAQ sheet that explains the changes. Most of the changes have to do with the setbacks and implementing a height restriction. None of the changes will affect existing buildings, only new construction. If you have any questions, you can contact me or Ann Hightower ( ). Hopefully we can get everyones support and pass the new deed restrictions. I will be coming by in the next 10 days to ask for your support and signature.

4. Albans Minimum Lot Size. Finally, the minimum lot size petition has been passed by the city council and will help bolster our deed restrictions.


Mitja Peterman
2327 Albans
An email from Ann Hightower, SHX POA President, on updates (I added the captions):

Dear neighbors,

Here are some interesting bits of info from a quarterly meeting I attend for SHX:

1. The Sonoma Lot. The activity on the "Sonoma" lot at Bolsover is not yet the promised garden, although that is still apparently in the plans. Before that, though, the land has been leased to the contractor putting the new sewers in Kirby/Morningside/Quenby as a staging area. That's why you see so much gravel and heavy equipment. It will get messier before they're finished, too--probably will have the excavated dirt while sewers are being installed, so dump truck traffic intermittently. It had to go somewhere, so I suppose we should be grateful that most of the activity will be a couple streets away from us. The nice wood fence parallel to Morningside is the owners' attempt to maintain a pleasant neighborhood presence with all the commotion screened off from us.

2. Univ Blvd Sewer Work. The sewer work on University Blvd should be completed this month.

3. Rice Parking Lot off Greenbriar. The parking lot on Rice property off Greenbriar will be gated and start charging a $1/visit fee this summer, not because they need the money, but because the gating caused a substantial drop in car burglaries and car thefts as well as parking-lot robberies elsewhere on campus. They're planning to use the small charge to improve lighting on the 3-mile "sidewalk" around campus.

4. Rice Stadium Closed for Exercisers. Rice stadium will be closed again for personal fitness use. Apparently not only did folks let their dogs run free (and soil the playing field) but someone was surprised trying to extract a rather large piece of the artificial turf. The leash-and-poop-scoop laws on campus are also going to be more strictly enforced.

5. Rice Bike Track. The bike track at Rice has also been closed on weekdays. They had one severe accident and too many near misses, with construction personnel in and out of the area. It will still be open weekends.

6. SHX Deed Restriction Amendment. Have you signed our SHX deed restriction amendment petition? Email me if you have questions or need a copy to review!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Detail on Kirby Construction Project

Melissa Hall provides the following details on the Kirby Project

Subject: Kirby IV details

Hi neighbors,

I attended a meeting at IBC bank last night concerning Kirby IV construction. Details are below and I will continue to keep you in the loop as it comes our way.

Tim Douglass, Anne Clutterbuck's Chief of Staff, opened the meeting and relayed Anne's desire to work with us on this to make it flow smoothly. I have worked with her office numerous times and can personally attest to her true desire to represent us and make sure that our wishes are heard. They are a great asset to us in this time.

In a nutshell, Kirby IV involves storm sewer work on Kirby from Robinhood to Bissonnet and a storm sewer tie in that will run from Quenby at Kirby all the way to Quenby at Greenbriar (where it will tie into an existing line). All of these lines will flow into Braes Bayou or will act as collectors themselves if the bayou is full.

The Kirby line will begin 100 ft. south of Robinhood with a 14' x 12 foot box storm sewer and will reduce to a 10' x 10' sewer at Quenby. That will run to Albans where it will connect to an exisiting 11' x 7 1/2' line.

The "Quenby tie in" will begin as a 10' x 10' box sewer that will run along Quenby to Morningside. At Morningside it will reduce to a 10' x 6 1/2' sewer to then go along Quenby and tie into the existing line on Greenbriar.

All of these improvements will also include associated inlets, new pavement....

This whole project is slated to begin immediately and continue through August 2010. No one section will be under construction that entire time. Quenby folks are, naturally, concerned and I have lots more details on Quenby below.

Specific timing of different segments of this is still in question. The contractor and the city are still negotiating that and we should know exactly when each part will occur within a week. I will get that to y'all just as soon as I get it.

The City will upload a CD of the entire project that any of us can view. It will be on Anne Clutterbuck's web site. You will be able to access that by starting at and then going to her site. It will be there.

As for Quenby, my understanding is that they will get on and off of Quenby as quickly as they can- they understand what a disruption this will be to us. They will not dig more than 60' at a time and backfill behind so that we have access in front of and in back of the trench. We will have to coordinate together though so that those with no driveway access at any one time will still have parking on the street.

I know we can do that effectively. IBC bank parking lot will be available to us at night but I hope that none of us end up having to hoof it that distance.

There will be times when they have to cut off our water. They will notify us in advance and give us a feel for how long it will be. If they hit a line, and there is a water emergency, they will fix is as quickly as possible.

Mail, UPS, trash.....all services can continue throughout. If your house is "in the trench zone" you may have to move your trash cans down a few houses during that time for collection but we will not have our services suspended.

They have to make sure that we have emergency access at all times. During the day, they may just have to move equipment to provide that but at night--they have to clear the way for any emergencies.

All of the workers are bonded and legal.

Their major equipment will not be residing on our street. They have contracted to use the space at Bolsover and Kelvin as a staging area - you might have noticed the fence going up. That is great news!!

I am very worried about our big trees and voiced that at the meeting. They assure me that they have an arborist who looks at every single tree and that there is, literally, a plan for every single tree that is near the work zone. I think we will need to go a little deeper on that and I expressed that. They know that we will want a more personal meeting dealing with the bigger trees on our block that are right near the work zone. We will get that and I'll know when it is appropriate once I know when they plan to be on our street.

Monthly progress meetings will be held in their construction trailer that neighborhood reps are welcome to attend. They prefer that each neighborhood or affected area select a rep. so that the meetings are not crowded but they welcome input and concerns.

Below is a list of contacts. They suggest taping it to your fridge so that you always know who to reach. Quenby folks feel free to rely on me to be your contact--just let me know your concern and I am happy to pass it on.

(Melissa Hall (713) 818-0654

--The Contractor is BRH Garver Construction. (713) 921-2929
--Peck Boswell is the President of BRH.
--Kurt Roedel is the Firm Project Manager (281) 770-3614

--Tim Lincoln is The Assistant Director of Public Works for Houston
--City of Houston Project Manager is Jody Craze (woman) (713) 837-7188
--City of Houston Managing Engineer- JoAnne Kamman (713) 837-7208
--City Of Houston Inspector- Donald Johnson (713) 376-4960
--Another Inspector- Evalen Kurkendal (713) 775-2664

That's all for now. I will have our projected dates within a week and probably some more details too.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fleming Park - Park Day 5/3 4-6pm

Park Day, Sunday, May 3 from 4 – 6 p.m.

The Friends of Fleming Park invite you to get ready for summer with a splash party on Park Day, Sunday, May 3, from 4:00 to 6:00. Kids! Wear your bathing suits and head on over to the park for some splish-splashing fun followed by pizza & lemonade. (The Friends of Fleming Park oversee the care and maintenance of our neighborhood gem. Donations are welcome and are fully tax-deductible. For more information, contact Contributions may be mailed to Friends of Fleming Park, c/o Karen Baughn, Treasurer, 1809 Dunstan Rd., Houston, TX 77005.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2300 Albans Minimum Lot Size Application Approved

From: Anne Gorman []
Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 12:18 PM
Subject: Minimum lot size update

I have wonderful news to deliver! The minimum lot size ordinance for our block was passed by City Council today.

Thanks for your support on this important issue.


Anne Gorman

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cokie Roberts at HPL-Central 5/5

Event: Cokie Roberts
Place: Houston Public Library - Central
Date: Tuesday, 5/5/2009
Time: 9:15 am to 11:00 am
Parking: Library Parking Garage $2/hour - enter from the Lamar Street side of the building
Free coffee and pastries

Anne Clutterbucks office sent the following notice:

Cokie Roberts at the Houston Public Library

Cokie Roberts, New York Times bestselling author, political commentator for ABC News and senior news analyst for National Public Radio, will appear at the Houston Public Library's Central Library on Tuesday, May 5th from 9:15 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., to discuss the tenth anniversary edition of her book We Are Our Mothers' Daughters.

In this tenth anniversary edition of We Are Our Mothers' Daughters (on sale April 7, 2009), Ms. Roberts once again examines the nature of women's roles through the illuminating lens of her personal experience. From mother to mechanic, sister to soldier, Roberts reveals how much progress has now been made-and how much further we have to go. Updated and expanded to include a diverse new cast of women, this collection of essays offers tremendous insight into the opportunities and challenges that women encounter today.

In a series of new profiles and revealing updates, Roberts reflects upon the number of female achievers who have graced the public stage in the past decade. In addition to the illuminating and sometimes surprising history of women in a variety of fields, several chapters also introduce us to some of the fascinating women she has encountered during the course of her reporting career-including Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Laura Bush, Billie Jean King, Michelle Rhee, and Dorothy Height.

Please join us at HPL's Central Library for this exciting, free, breakfast event. Capacity is limited. Please RSVP to 832-393-1652.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Houston Public Library - Central Library
Program Place - 4th Floor
500 McKinney
Houston, Texas 77002
9:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Parking Available in Library Parking Garage
($2/hour - enter from the Lamar Street side of the building)
Pastries and Coffee provided courtesy of the Houston Public Library and Inversion Coffee

Copies of We Are Our Mothers' Daughters and Ladies of Liberty will be available for purchase at the event.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Community Mtg re Street Construction - 4/29

Subject: Street Construction
Date: 4/29/2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: IBC Bank Bldg. 5615 Kirby Dr., 2d Floor

The letter below is from Council member Clutterbuck. The SHX POA members discussed this project the members meeting on Tuesday evening. You are welcome to attend this meeting to get more details in person. Briefly, parts of Kelvin, Morningside, and Quenby will be closed while a 10'x6-10' sewer pipe is installed--in addition to more of what we're used to on Kirby. [Note: for more detail see the earlier blog here.]

Ann Hightower

Dear Neighbors, On April 29, 2009 at 6:30 pm the City of Houston is hosting a community meeting to discuss the upcoming street construction project on Kirby between Robinhood and Bissonnet. Representatives from the Public Works Department will be there, as well as the contractor, BRH Garver Construction, LP, to go over the design plans and schedule for this project.

For those of you who are not already aware, this is the fourth phase of the street reconstruction on Kirby Drive from Holcombe to the Southwest Freeway. This project is part of a joint effort by the City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District to expand the stormwater drainage capacity in the congested central Houston area. The project will also completely repave the streets and curbs with concrete. Detailed information is included below.

The meeting will be held at the IBC Bank building at 5615 Kirby Drive, 2nd floor, at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday April 29, 2009. Please feel free to come learn about the project and have your questions answered.

Warm regards,

Anne Clutterbuck
Houston City Council Member, District C

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on Kirby Capital Construction

Our president has sent out a Yahoo Groups Email on significant City capital improvements in our neighborhood. The complete email may be viewed here. The following is a summary of the project, but those wanting more information about the specific streets affected should review the email at the link provided above:
Project Description:

The project consists of the design of a single 14-foot X 12-foot reinforced concrete box storm sewer from 100 feet south of Robinhood to Quenby. From Quenby, a single 10-foot by 10-foot reinforced concrete box storm sewer will proceed north along Kirby and connect to an existing 11-foot by 7.5-foot reinforced concrete box storm sewer at Albans Ave. The storm sewer tie-in consists of a single 10-foot by 10-foot reinforced concrete box storm sewer which travels east along Quenby to Morningside Dr. where it transitions to a 10-foot by 6.5-foot reinforced concrete box storm sewer and continues on to the connection at Greenbriar. The storm sewer improvements will also include associated inlets, inlet leads, and laterals. The roadway pavement will be designed for reconstruction as full width concrete with curb and gutter. The pavement from 100-ft. south of Robinhood to Bissonnet will be a four-lane undivided section with continuous left-turn lane.

Construction Cost: $6,658,042.37

Thursday, April 16, 2009

SHX POA Meeting on 4/21/2009 - Details

Email from the President of SHX POA:

Southampton Property Owners Association
c/o Ann Hightower
2341 Quenby Rd
Houston, TX 77005

March 20, 2009

Dear Neighbors:

We will be holding a POA meeting on April 21 from 7-9 p.m. in the Encore Bank Building at Tangley and Kirby (5815 Kirby Drive) to cover two very important issues: our security patrol service, and our deed restriction amendment drive.

We will have a presentation from the Patrol Service. This is your opportunity to find out what this service provides for you, and how important our support is to its existence.
We will also discuss our deed restriction amendments, and make plans for completing the petition drive to get them ratified. If you have any questions about the value of these amendments to your property, this is your opportunity to discuss them among friends.

We would also like to encourage you to join the SHX Yahoo group. The Yahoo group can be found at by selecting Groups, then typing in SHX. You can set up a Yahoo ID very easily if you don't already have one, and join the group. This will give you updates about neighborhood issues from lost pets to Rice University and City of Houston news. It averages an email a week, if you're worried about too much mail. The group also has current copies of all relevant SHX POA documents for your use.

Also, we have a blog at that offers timely information and easy access links to key documents.

Please send your email address to me at I will see it gets into our mailing list, which is only used for SHX business, never shared with anyone, not even other neighborhood associations. Since mailing is one of our POA's biggest expenses, this will help significantly.

Please plan to attend our meeting, and join our move to electronic communications. Your POA needs your support!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kirby / Morningside Area Construction Update

The following is an April 2009 update from the office of Anne Clutterbuck (Houston City Council Member, District C):


Houstonians who live in or commute through the Upper Kirby and Rice Village areas surely have noticed several of the on-going City construction projects in this area. Although living through construction can be a headache, these renovation projects are an important investment in our infrastructure and I would like to take this opportunity to share with the District C community some additional information about these plans.

South Kirby Drive

The reconstruction of Kirby Drive south of the 59 freeway is part of a combined effort with the City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District to expand our storm water drainage capacity and protect against flooding in the densely developed areas of central Houston.

Last November, Phase 3 of the project was completed, which is the section of Kirby from Holcombe to Robinhood. Construction was then halted for the months of November through January to ensure mobility in and out of the Rice Village area during the holidays. The next stage of the project, Phase 4a, runs from Robinhood to Bissonnet. A contract with GRH-Garver Construction, L.P. was approved by City Council in February and work is scheduled to begin in late April.

Phase 4b encompasses the section of Kirby between Bissonnet and Highway 59. Part of this project involves expanding the width of the lanes, which necessitated the purchase of additional right-of-way from five property owners on the east side of Kirby. While the City anticipated that this work would begin sooner, the process of negotiating the purchase of the land and adjusting the design plans has resulted in a delay. Once the land has been acquired, the contract will go out for bidding.

Upper Kirby

Street construction of Kirby north of Highway 59 is a separate project, funded entirely by the Upper Kirby Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ). While the purpose of this project is to expand flood control capacity, the project will also replace sanitary sewer and water line infrastructure, add wider sidewalks for increased pedestrian mobility, transfer utility lines from overhead to underground, expand the narrow driving lanes, and completely reconstruct the road. The entire project is being funded with the tax increments from the area and remarkably will not require the issuance of any debt!

Most recently, you may have seen workers on the east side of this portion of Kirby, installing the sanitary sewer and waterline improvements. Paving for part of the east side of Kirby has followed and should conclude quickly. Crews will then continue down the east side of Kirby to Richmond before beginning on the west side. The street will remain open for both directions of travel throughout construction. Both sides of Kirby are scheduled to be completed in late August, with the final improvements of landscaping and installation of new trees to be completed early November.

University at Main

The stretch of University Blvd. along the south side of Rice University has been undergoing a waterline and storm sewer renovation, which is nearly complete. In the next week, the contractor is scheduled to pour the south (east bound) lanes with concrete. For the next three weeks, however, the contractor will continue to work along University repairing the sanitary sewer lines. During this time, traffic on University will be limited to the south lanes. Once this is complete, all traffic control will be removed and University will be re-opened fully.

Morningside Sidewalk

If you live near Morningside Street between Rice Boulevard and Bissonnet, then you may have noticed the presence of surveyors and engineers working on the design plans for the new sidewalk. In order to maximize the extension of the new sidewalk all the way to Bissonnet, the sidewalk will be installed entirely on the east side of Morningside, with no construction anticipated on the west. Upgraded drainage for the sidewalk is also part of the design work. Construction should begin by January of next year. This project is being funded entirely with the proceeds from the sale of the 2400 block of Bolsover and will address some of the drainage issues along Morningside, as well as providing a desperately needed and safe pedestrian walkway along this heavily travelled part of the Village.

I personally know what a nuisance it is to navigate the traffic caused by street construction and I thank you for your continued patience. I am confident that upon completion, the new streets will be safer and provide a more attractive and enjoyable drive or walk. These projects are important investments in Houston’s future, and a long overdue return on our tax dollars.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these projects or another City of Houston matter, then please contact my office, at (832) 393-3004 or by email at

-- Anne Clutterbuck, Houston City Council Member, District C

SHX POA Meeting, Tuesday 4/21/2009

Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Encore Bank Building, 5815 Kirby Drive (just south of Starbucks).
Planned Discussions:
1. Presentation by the BOCA Patrol Service.
2. Proposed amendments to the deed Restrictions. (You will find a links to the proposed amendments and explanations in the SHX Key Docouments section at the right of this blog.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fleming Park News letter April 2009

Friends of Fleming Park

Park Day!

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate this glorious season and get ready for some warm weather activities. We’ll help kick off summer with our annual spring party on Sunday, May 3rd, from 4-6 pm.

The Friends of Fleming Park have been very busy since Ike swept through town. As most park users know, Martha Fleming Park is owned by the City of Houston and the Friends group was developed to assist the city in the care and maintenance of our treasured neighborhood park. Any maintenance or work that we do must be approved by the City and comply with their codes and guidelines. Despite some obstacles during this process, the park’s storied Live Oaks, which were severely stressed by Ike, have now been thoroughly pruned and fertilized.

After two years of sprinkler problems, the jasmine planted along Kent is being established. The primary reason for having a ground cover along Kent is to protect the surface roots of the Live Oak trees. Since the Park drains to Kent, all of the topsoil and leaves flow into the street, causing flooding as well as strain on the aging tree roots. The jasmine will both hold the soil on and provide a more attractive border to the park. Thanks to everyone for staying off of the jasmine so that we can eventually remove the yellow tape and signs.

From time to time we have requests for dedication opportunities. The crape myrtles at the soccer field are available. A bronze plaque will be placed at the base of a tree for $400. Please contact Karen Baughn at for further information.

We hope everyone will join us on May 3rd for pizza, waterslides, and fun!!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Enclosed please find our contribution of:
____ $10 ____$25 ____$50 ____$100 ____$250 ____Other
Name __________ Address __________________ Zip Code ________

Please return to Friends of Fleming Park, c/o Karen Baughn, Treasurer,1809 Dunstan, Houston, TX 77005. Contributions are fully tax deductible.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rice Neighborhood Events Apr 10-Apr 19

I enclose below an an email (also on web site here) from Rice U regarding events that residents of the neighborhood may attend or participate in. SHX POA president, Ann Hightower, emails this to the persons on the YahooGroups email list (if you are not already on that list, please check the links in the right hand column and go to the site to sign up). Also, a reminder to residents of SHX POA that, if the SHX POA does not already have your email address, please send that address (just an email from that address will do) to Ann by clicking here.


To: ; ; ;
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 10:20 AM
Subject: [Rice_neighbors_north] Open Invitation Events for Apr 10 - Apr. 19

Please accept this open invitation to visit the Rice campus for any of the many educational and cultural events shown on our Open Invitations list, most of which are free, and all of which are open to the public. To view the latest list at any time, please bookmark and visit

Featured Events of the Week

Saturday, Apr. 11

All Day
Concert: Chamber Music Festival - FREE ADMISSION
Chamber Music Festival:
Spotlight on Emigré Composers
>From morning to evening for an entire day, this festival will include music written by composers who emigrated from their homeland. This is a free event and requires no tickets.

Schedule of Concerts:

Concert 1 – 10:00 a.m.
Bach - Trio Sonata in G Major, BWV 1038; Telemann - Trio Sonata No. 22 in G Minor; Martinu - Sonata for Two Violins and Piano, H. 213; Milhaud - Suite, Op. 157b; and Beethoven - Piano Trio in D Major, Op. 70 No. 1 “The Ghost.”

Concert 2 – 12:00 noon
Kodály - Serenade, Op. 13; Milhaud - Sonata for Two Violins and Piano, Op. 15; Ligeti - Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano (Hommage à Brahms); Bartók - String Quartet No 5, Sz. 102; and Bartók - Contrasts, Sz. 111.

Concert 3 – 2:00 p.m.
Beethoven - String Quartet in D Major, Op. 18 No. 3; Haydn - String Quartet, Op. 74 No. 3 “The Rider”; Ravel - Sonata for Violin and Cello; and Beethoven - String Quartet No. 11 in F Minor, Op. 95.

Concert 4 – 4:00 p.m.
Berio - Duetti per due violinio; Chinary Ung - Spiral VII; Prokofiev - Quintet in G Minor for Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, and Double Bass, Op. 39; Beethoven - Septet in E-flat Major, Op. 20; Krommer - Octet - Partita Op. 57 in F Major; and Schoenberg - Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4.

Concert 5 – 6:00 p.m.
Sextets for double bass by Pierrick Hardy and Christian Gentet; Bolcom - Fairy Tales; Berio - Opus Number Zoo (for wind quintet); Brahms - String Quartet in C Minor, Op. 51 No. 1; and Schubert - String Quartet in D Major, D. 810.

Concert 6 – 8:00 p.m.
Dohnányi - Serenade in C Major, Op. 10; Villa-Lobos - String Quartet No. 17, A. 537; Dohnányi - Piano Quintet in C Minor, Op. 1; and Brahms – Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 25.
Rice University, Alice Pratt Brown Hall, Duncan Recital Hall. Paid parking available by credit card in West Lot 1, entrance 18 (Rice Blvd. at Wilton) and entrance 8 (University Blvd. at Stockton).

Saturday, April 11
8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
The 4th annual Rice University Recreation Center Flying Owls 5K will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2009, starting at 8:30 a.m. We invite families, teams, students and more to come out for the 5K. There will be refreshments, entertainment and a great environment to get moving. There will be prizes for the top three finishers overall (Male and Female) and age group prizes. Team Prizes will also be awarded for top team finisher by top 5 times.
This event is a fundraising fun-run held on Rice’s campus and organized by Rice’s students and Recreation Center Staff. The funds raised through the Flying Owls 5K goes to helping Rice University students pay for fitness-related activities, and it is our goal to raise enough funds for the Fitness Program to offer a variety of services free of charge or at reduced costs.
Rice University, Rice Football Stadium. Free parking available in West Lot 1, entrance 18 (Rice Blvd. at Wilton) and entrance 8 (University Blvd. at Stockton).
Saturday, April 11
12 – 10 p.m.
Concert: The 18th Annual KTRU Outdoor Show - FREE ADMISSION
The 18th Annual KTRU Outdoor Show will be taking place Saturday, April 11, from noon to 10 p.m. This show is free and open to the public, and it will be held right in the heart of the Rice University campus in the Central Quad. There will be free beer provided by St. Arnolds and other yummy snacks available. This year’s lineup will include the following artists:
Infant Mortality Rate- experimental act
Squincy Jones & Dayta- electronica DJ duo
Thomas Helton Trio- improvised jazz trio
About this Product- experimental act
Laya Taal Saadhna - Southern Indian traditional tabla ensemble
The Boat Show - Rice battle of the bands winners
Buxton- local rock
B L A C K I E - local hip hop
Headliner: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Come out for a day of free music and free fun! Bring the kids for it's sure to be a day filled with family fun! For more information, please check out or email

Thank you for reading. We encourage you to share our open invitations with your neighbors and others.

We hope to welcome you to the Rice campus for an Open Invitation event in the future.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Important letter from the SHX POA President

This letter will go out by "hardopy" U.S. Mail in the next few days. I have taken the libert to highlight certain items that I think readers should pay particular attention to.


Southampton Property Owners Association
c/o Ann Hightower, President
2341 Quenby Rd
Houston, TX 77005

March 20, 2009

Dear Neighbors:

We will be holding a POA meeting on April 21 from 7-9 p.m. in the Encore Bank Building at Tangley and Kirby (5815 Kirby Drive) to cover two very important issues: our security patrol service, and our deed restriction amendment drive.

We will have a presentation from the Patrol Service. This is your opportunity to find out what this service provides for you, and how important our support is to its existence.

We will also discuss our deed restriction amendments, and make plans for completing the petition drive to get them ratified. If you have any questions about the value of these amendments to your property, this is your opportunity to discuss them among friends.

We would also like to encourage you to join the SHX Yahoo group. The Yahoo group can be found at by selecting Groups, then typing in SHX. You can set up a Yahoo ID very easily if you don’t already have one, and join the group. This will give you email updates about neighborhood issues from lost pets to Rice University and City of Houston news. It averages an email a week, if you’re worried about too much mail. The group also has current copies of all relevant SHX POA documents for your use.

Also, we have a Blog at that offers timely information and easy access links to key documents.

Please also send your email address to me at I will see it gets into our mailing list, which is only used for SHX business, never shared with anyone, not even other neighborhood associations. Since mailing is one of our POA’s biggest expenses, this will help significantly.

Please plan to attend our meeting, and join our move to electronic communications.

Your POA needs your support!


Ann Hightower,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ashby High Rise Update

Stop Ashby Update, 2/17/09

On February 13, 2009, the City of Houston rejected–for the eighth time–Buckhead Investment Partners’ application for an Ashby High Rise site development permit. The City’s comments to the application posted on the Department of Public Works’ website indicate that the City’s rejection appears to arise from concerns about the most recent traffic study submitted by the developers and also from inconsistencies between various plan sets they have submitted. Notably, it appears that the most recent version of their plan calls for all but emergency traffic to enter and exit the project from Bissonnet. If you would like to see the City’s comments to the developers’ most recent submittal, go to and enter the Ashby High Rise project # 07042588, then select “Display Plan Check Comment Information."

Our intelligence indicates that the developers have recently expanded their roster of service providers to include an Austin-based law firm that specializes in eminent domain law. It remains to be seen whether litigation looms on the horizon, but it seems clear that Buckhead’s current permitting strategy isn't making much headway at the City's Department of Public Works. Regardless of what the future holds, we remain committed to our opposition until the developers abandon their plans or propose an alternative project that is acceptable to our community.
Our intelligence also indicates that the developers have claimed that opposition to their project is waning. We encourage you to continue to proudly display your Stop Ashby High Rise yard signs and bumper stickers/magnets to make it clear that nothing could be further from the truth. These signs and bumper stickers remain one of the most effective tools we have to keep this issue in front of our friends, neighbors, elected representatives and the media. If your yard signs or bumper stickers/magnets have gone missing or are beginning to show their age, please replace them. Bumper magnets are available at Picnic, as are limited quantities of replacement yard signs. Or, simply reply to this message and one of our volunteers will deliver a sign to your home. And if you see anyone stealing or defacing these signs, please contact the Southampton/BOCA Patrol at (713) 825-5555 immediately.
We also encourage you to communicate to your elected City of Houston representatives that you remain strongly opposed to such an ill-conceived project in our neighborhood. A complete list of the Mayor’s and council members’ email and mailing addresses can be found here.

The Stop Ashby High Rise Task Force thanks you for all of your contributions and support to keep this unwelcome project out of our neighborhood.


Stop Ashby High
PO Box 540331
Houston , TX 77254
713-523-SHCC (7422)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clutterbuck Update on Morningside Capital Improvements

A note from our Councilmember Ann Clutterbuck

Dear Neighbor,

For those of you who aren't already aware, Morningside Street has been scheduled in the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to receive new sidewalks. I'm pleased to share the good news that the City has agreed to extend the project from Rice Blvd. north to Bissonnet. The funding for the project comes from the sale of the 2400 block of Bolsover Street. This is the first time that profits from the sale of a City asset have gone back into improvements in the community.

Surveying efforts for the project should begin within the next month. The City's Department of Public Works has informed me that the designs should be finalized by the first of 2010, with anticipation of starting construction in mid-2010.

Once the contractor is selected for the project, I'd like to hold a public meeting with community members and the City to answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns.

Warm regards,

Anne Clutterbuck
Houston City Council
Member, District C
(832) 393-2004

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Deed Restriction Initiative

The Board of Directors of SHX POA, after careful study, has recommended amendments to the deed restrictions. The amendments are: [INSERT SUMMARY]. Property owners needing further information should discuss with their Block Representatives on the right side of this blog.

Documents you may wish to review in considering this initiative:

Deed Restrictions

Deed Restriction Summary

Proposed Amendments [INSERT LINK]

SHX POA Board TABC Protest for 2418 Sunset Blvd.

Update 2/24/2008

The SHX POA Board received expressions of concern regarding a new "high end" wine bar that is being constructed at 2418 Sunset Blvd. According to the owner who is now making improvements for the bar, (i) the bar would cater to the "over 30 crowd" and would not let in "young people;" (ii) would have a capacity of 30 people, (iii) would sell wine by the bottle, beginning at $25 per bottle; (iv) will sell high end beer (a Belgian beer selling for $18 per bottle, which he described as big); would be open from late afternoon until midnight or 1 am; (v) has only six parking spaces but has reached an agreement with a nearby lot owner for spillover parking; and (vi) will have an outdoor patio in front where music (jazz) will be piped to. Because of concerns about noise, parking and general effect on SHX, a member of SHX POA notified the city of Houston and the City General Services Department is insuring that all Code and related requirements are being met. Because of the same concerns, the SHX POA Board approved and the President filed a Protest with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. However, the Protest was returned because the owner had not yet filed an application. The Board will monitor this issue to determine whether further initiatives are warranted.

2300 Albans Minimum Lot Size Application

On Thursday 2/5/09, the City Planning Commission forwarded the 2300 Albans Minimum Lot Size Application to the City Council with a recommendation for approval.

Previously, Minimum Lot Size Applications have been approved for the following blocks: